Thea Kendall


At age 7 Thea Kendall began her dance training at the esteemed West Coast School of the Arts in Orange County.

Thea has been fortunate enough to study with many phenomenal choreographers at West Coast, as well as guest choreographers, Mark Meismer and fellow Canadian, Stacey Tookey. She was a competitive dancer for 10 years, participating at various national and world competitions. A personal highlight for Thea was her team winning Showstoppers National Title in her graduating year. 
Thea began teaching other dancers at 15 years old, starting as an assistant in technique classes. From there she took on teaching her own classes and choreographing competitive groups while still dancing for West Coast.

Currently Thea is a liberal studies major at San Diego State University, headed towards a career as a kindergarten teacher. Yet, Thea plans to always continue teaching dance because it combines her two loves working with children and dance.

Meet Thea

What inspires you most as an artist?
What inspires me most as an artist is to be able to affect and have an impact on other people's lives by telling a story through my movement. 

What are the names of your top 2 iTunes playlists?
The top two playlist names on my iTunes are: JAZZ^^^(as in jazz music for the older kids) and Bedtime (which is my playlist I listen to to fall asleep) 

If you could dine with any choreographer, past or present, who would it be?
The choreographer past or present I would like to dine with would be Alvin Ailey. I got the pleasure of seeing his company preform a couple years ago and was in awh the entire time. 

What is in your dance bag?
In my dance bag I have socks, my laptop, a water bottle, Bobby pins everywhere, Chapstick, headphones, and a couple extra hair ties. 

What has been your favorite dance gig?
I haven't danced professionally in the industry yet, therefore I do not have a favorite dance gig, but my favorite dance experience would be performing in my friends senior project. To help raise awareness for cystic fibrosis.