Jeff and Kate Pharris

"What an amazing ride our family has had for the last 11 years. Both our daughters, Brandi and Jaci, have grown up at Dance Unlimited. They have not only learned how to dance beyond our expectations, they have learned how to be a contributing member to an OUTSTANDING dance team/community in Oceanside, Calif. From competiting for top-honors to performing for non-profit organizations, both daughters have gained self confidence, friends for life, and more family then they ever dreamed of. Thank you Erin, and ALL of the incredible instructors, for their guidance and care you continually share with our girls. Our family has truly been blessed by being involved with Dance Unlimited since 2000."

Wendy Warren-Leathers

"Erin, So often we take the time to write to a business when we are unhappy or something has gone wrong. I wanted to take the time today and write to you just to let you know how pleased we are. After more than eight years at your studio I don't feel like we are part of a dance studio but more our dance family. Kortney would spend every waking hour there if she could (let me know when you start dorm rooms and I'm sure she will be first in line). We have been with you and the rest of the DU family since before Kellen was born; now he is six and it has become a second home for him too. I can't tell you how thankful we are for everything that you and the other teachers have done for Kortney and us as a family. You and the teachers have been there for us in so many ways I couldn't even begin to explain the love and gratitude that we have for you all. The talent and expertiece that has been shared with us and that Kortney has benefited from is amazing. Dance Unlimited staff has brought Kortney to a level of dancing that has gone beyond my wildest dreams. She and Kellen couldn't be more happy doing what they are doing and being part of the Dance Unlimited team. Thank you so much for giving our family the opportunity to be part of something so special."

Kerry Logan

"I cannot say enough great things about Dance Unlimited! I spent the greater part of my own childhood dancing at the studio as a student of Erin's and now as a Dance Unlimited dance mom. My three young girls love and look forward to each day they spend dancing at the studio. They have established strong friendships among the student and teachers. The studio provides a caring and supportive environment. My children have learned a great deal of confidence and self expression. The teachers are not only top notch instructors but great role models who truly care about the students and families. They are taught commitment, discipline and responsibility and always have so much fun. Dance Unlimited is one big family, who I cannot imagine our lives without. We are so happy to be a part of it all. At Dance Unlimited your child is cared for and cared about!"

Jenna Lynn

"Dance Unlimited has exceeded our highest expectations. The level of talent shown by the instructors is phenomenal. My daughter started dancing at, Dance Unlimited 5 years ago. In that time, the instructors have given her the confidence to perform, while continuing to nurture her spirit. Our, "dance family", has become our extended family. I have never been a part of any other organized sport where it truly feels like, "family". My daughter has made friendships that will last a lifetime. I am so thankful for the opportunity this studio has given her. As a parent, it brings great joy to watch your child grow and excel in something that they are passionate about. There is a reason Dance Unlimited has been around for 20 (plus) years... Erin has created something beautiful that will be around for years to come. My hats off to you, D.U., for a job well done. Thank you for welcoming my child with open arms, you have changed our lives forever!!! "

The Dikitanans

"Erin and D.U. Staff, We came to the studio hoping to find a new home for the girls. We did just that. It is hard to believe we are only in our third year here at Dance Unlimited. We feel so welcomed by the many families that we have interacted with since being at the studio. If there is one thing I can say about Dance Unlimited, it is that we have the most amazing teachers. The teachers that my kids have trained under are not only passionate about what they do, but they are loving, nurturing, supportive and inspirational which spreads to the children they teach. Teachers not only address the children's dancing skills, but also build their self-confidence and help them to be better people in and out of the studio. The families really come together and help one another. We just experienced that when a large group of dance families joined us early in the morning to walk with us at the heart walk for our son Bailey. Many of the dancers had classes, but they woke up early on their Saturday morning to support us and then drove back to catch their classes. That support meant a great deal to our family and most especially to Bailey. Bailey was so touched that his dance family came out strong and look forward to sharing the heart walk with his dance family for years to come. The last couple of years were difficult for the kids with their dad being deployed for the majority of the time we have been at DU. But Erin, the teachers, students, and dance family made the deployment so much easier for all of them. Erin, you have provided a beautiful place for our children to call home. All your hard work and patience has come to fruition. We are so very blessed to be around so many great people. "

Tammy Boonstra

"And to think it all started with her first recital dance, "Cod Fish Ball" with you Ms. Erin. From pre-school to pre-teen, I've watched my daughter, Tatum, grow into a talented, amazing dancer and equally beautiful young lady thanks to Dance Unlimited (D.U.). Your professional instructors are not only some of the best in their respective dance genres, they are also inspiring mentors in the truest sense—always sharing every ounce of their passion and expertise with so much love and praise to every single dancer. Although nationally recognized D.U. is more than a top dance studio for us, it's a place we will always call home!"

The Castro Family

"I wanted to let you know how much the Studio means to Danielle and my family. It's not just a place to go to after school, it's a second home for my daughter and the staff is like a second family. It is always a pleasure to see Danielle's smiling face when I drop her off for class and to hear nothing but good things when I pick her up after long hours of dance. D.U. is a perfect place where friendships are made, confidence is brought out of the kids and passion is released throught the language of dance. Big thanks to all of you!!"

Joey Williams

"As a dancer, I know that I can speak on behalf of all the students at the studio and say that we are all family. Dance Unlimited is such a warm, welcome inviting place to come and dance. The studio is well kept and the teaching staff is very professional. They have stood by me for 6 years, and have taught me just as many life lessons as dance routines. Being one of the older students has also given me the opportunity to be a role model for the little kiddos, and it's the most amazing feeling to have children that look up to you; it gives me a sense of meaning and belonging, but I also look up to them with the same level of respect. Dance is an amazing gift, and Dance Unlimited will give you the gift, and a smile along with it."