Nikki Tavares

Nikki began her dance training at the age of 2 with top studios such as San Diego Dance Center and Rising Star Dance Company. She has been a part of the dance world for over 23 years as a Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor and Director. As a competition dancer for 14 years, Nikki has distinguished herself by receiving various overall and high point awards with competitions such as KAR, Showstoppers, Bravo, Hall Of Fame, Starbound, Revolution and so many more national ranked competitions. Some of her favorite experiences has been being a part of several Star Showcase’s with KAR and West Coast Finals with Showstoppers.


Nikki is technically trained in jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, tumbling and acrobatics. Nikki is also a certified yoga instructor to help provide not only her knowledge of dance to her students but to provide healing attributes to the way her dancers stretch and build strength. Being a competition dancer for so long it was only natural for her to have a deep passion to teach/choreograph her own competitive team/numbers. She has been teaching and directing competitive dance for over 8 years and was the competition program director for Katharine’s Academy of Dance helping to build a strong technical and passionate group of competitive dancers. Her jazz, tap and contemporary solos, duos and groups have went on to win high honors such as 1st Overall as well as many judges’ awards.

Meet Nikki

What inspires you most as an artist?
Music. I think music is how our feelings sound and it really allows me to see a dance before I even start to choreograph.

What are the names of your top 2 iTunes playlists?
Werk (its my sassy jazz playlist) and Contemporary (its full of emotional songs that all connect with me on some sort of level)

If you could dine with any choreographer, past or present, who would it be?
This is a hard one, there is so many but.... Mia Micheals, her gift of expression is unreal.

What is in your dance bag?
Jazz Shoes. Ballet Shoes. Tap Shoes. Like 3 pairs of socks! Protein Bars. Gum. Advil. Notebook and a Pen.

What has been your favorite dance gig?
Although it wasn't a large well known gig, I would have to say my favorite has been choreographing a contemporary flash mob for a wedding proposal in LA with about 200 people! It was a life changing experience to be able to tell someones beautiful love story through dance and then watch the emotions as it unfolded in front of the couple and of course watching the newlyweds as she said yes was incredible!