Kayla Jaynes

Kayla Jaynes was born and raised in San Diego and trained in classical and contemporary ballet at the California Ballet School under the direction of Maxine Mahon.

At 18 she joined the California Ballet Company and began her teaching career at various studios in San Diego County. She has performed in classical and contemporary works with California Ballet including Lead Bride in Charles Bennett's Dracula, Swan and Czardas in Thor Sutowski's Swan Lake, Party Girl in Septime Webre's The Great Gatsby, as well as many others. Throughout her training and professional career she has worked with many great teachers and choreographers including: Beverley Bagg, Robyn Shifren, Septime Webre, Maxine Mahon, Judith Sharp, Denise Dabrowski, Robert Sund, Toni Pimble, Thor Sutowski,  Johnathan Sharp, Calvin Kitten, and Jared Nelson. 

She has a degree in Digital Media and is an accomplished designer and sculptor. Miss Kayla loves sharing her own love for the art of ballet with the next generation, as the process makes both her and the students grow and learn. She excited to be able to share her love of ballet with the students of Dance Unlimited!